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Specification for Buldog Grips

Buldog grips should confirm to:

IS: 2361 - 1970, specification for buldog grips.

In addition it also should fulfill the following requirements:

· the bridges must be drop-forged and suitably scored to grip a round strand rope of right-hand lay having six strands.

· Bridge, U-bolts, and nuts should be hot dip galvanized with minimum zinc coat of 40 m m as per,

IS 2629 - Recommended Practice for Hot Dip Galvanizing of Iron & Steel.

Electroplated galvanization is not acceptable.

· The thread of U-Bolt and nuts on it should withstand specified torque.

· Should have minimum grip strength as bellow:

S.No. Size Required Min. Grip Strength
1 13mm 2.7 tone   
2 26mm 6.6 tone   
3 32mm 8.3 tone  
4 36mm 9.0 tone
5 40mm 9.7 tone