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Specification for GI Wire

G.I.Wires should be annealed mild steel confirming to, IS: 280 - 1978, Specification for Mild Steel Wire for General Engineering Purposes.» View More

Specification for Thimble

Thimbles are of open type, confirming IS 2315 - 1978, Specification for Thimbles for Wire Ropes.» View More

Specification for Steel Parts & Galvanization

Structural Steel should be of standard quality steel grade Fe 410 and have minimum following requirements» View More

Specification for Steel Wire Ropes

Steel wire ropes should comply with all the requirements for:» View More

Specification for Buldog Grips

Buldog grips should confirm to: IS: 2361 - 1970, specification for buldog grips. In addition it also should fulfill the following requirements:» View More

Specification of Cement

» View More