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Specification for Thimble

Thimbles are of open type, confirming IS 2315 - 1978, Specification for Thimbles for Wire Ropes. They must be forged and hot dip galvanized with minimum zinc coat of 40 m m as per,
IS 2629 - Recommended Practice for Hot Dip Galvanizing of Iron & Steel.


Specification for Nuts/Bolts and Washers
Nuts/Bolts/Washers should be of Grade C , property Class 4.6 and confirm to :
IS 1363  -  1984 (Part 1)  Hexagonal Head bolts and Nuts,
IS 1367  -  1983 Threaded Fasteners.
 It should be hot dip galvanized with minimum zinc coating of 40 m m. Electroplated galvanization is not acceptable.