Reference Rate

DCC have to make cost estimate for construction of trail bridges based on district rates of materials and labors. In case of steel parts and galvanization, raw materials are not available at districts and steel parts are not manufactured at districts but at industrial centers. Therefore, the rates of raw materials for steel parts and galvanization should be uniform in all districts. The extra cost due to remoteness of the districts or bridge sites is covered by the transportation cost and is different item.

For this purpose, quotations were collected from different Rolling Mills, Suppliers and Traders for the following materials and accordingly rates are established as below." 

1. Structural Steel
SN Items Unit  Rate (NRs.) / Kg            
1 Angle ISA 40X40X3 Kg 68.79
2 Angle ISA 40X40X5 Kg 65.94
3 Angle ISA 50X50X5 Kg 65.94
4 Angle ISA 50X50X6 Kg 65.94
5 Angle ISA 65X65X5 Kg 71.15
6 Angle ISA 65X65X6 Kg 69.32
7 Flat 25/3 Kg 68.60
8 Plates 3-10mm Kg 70.30
Weighted Average Ex-Factory Rate 69.29
Transportation from Rolling Mill to Fabricator                                          2.50
Rate 71.80


2. Reiforcemnet Bars
SN  Items Unit                 Rate (NRs.) / K              
1 Reinforcing Bar dia. 8 MM Kg 67.35
2 Reinforcing Bar dia. 10 MM                                           Kg 64.22
3 Reinforcing Bar dia. 12 MM Kg 64.22
4 Reinforcing Bar dia. 16 MM Kg 64.22
5 Reinforcing Bar dia. 20 MM Kg 64.22
6 Reinforcing Bar dia. 25 MM Kg 67.35
  Transportation from rolling mill to fabricator   2.50
       Weighted Average Ex-Factor Rate 66.57
       Rate 69.00


3. GI Wire
SN  Items Unit                Rate (NRs.) / Kg              
1. GI Wire - 10 SWG Heavy Coated                                  Kg 89.00


4. Hex Nuts, Bolts and Washers
Items Unit                 Rate (NRs.) / Kg            
Hot Dip Galvanized Hex Nuts, Bolts and
washers of Grade 4.6                                                    
Kg 195.00
Hot Dip Galvanized Hex Friction Grip Nuts, Bolts
and washers of Grade 8.8    



5. G.I. Pipe of Medium Class
Items                                                                                Unit                  Rate (NRs.) / Meter           
40 MM Dia.                                                     Meter 323.01
50 MM Dia. Meter 443.36


6. Zinc and Chemical for Hot Dip Galvanization
Items Unit                    Rate (NRs.) / Kg
Zinc ( minimum 98.50% purity)  Kg 348.00
  2 Pre-mix of Zinc Ammonium Chloride (ZnCl2. 3NH4Cl) : Kg 83.00
  45% of Zinc Chloride (ZnCl2) + 55% of Ammonium 
Chloride (NH4Cl)
Hydrochloric Acid Litre 12.00


7. Cement
Items Unit                    Rate (NRs.) / 50 Kg
Ex-Factory Rate  Per Bag 725.00

Above average rates are based on quotations provided by following Rolling Mills, Suppliers and Traders:                                              
M/s. Rajesh Hardware
M/s. Bicky Hardware
M/s. Jagdamba Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Anand Hardware
M/s. Shiva Trading concern
M/s. Alert Enterprises
M/s. Shre Raj Steel House
M/s. Jalap Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Intertech Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Pioneer Wire Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Safe Steels Pvt. Ltd.


*As per " Nepal Rajpatra " date 9th Jesth 2068 B. S, the minimum wages of industrial institution has been established as per below
Labour Minimum monthly wage (NRs.) " Mahangi Bhatta " (NRs.) Total (NRs.) Perday (NRs.)
Unskilled 8455.00 4995.00 13450.00 517.00*
Skilled       547.00**
** Skilled labour rate is based on historical increment over unskilled labour rate.


Updated on : 23rd October, 2019