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Capacity Building

Development of adequate technical personnel in the execution of trail bridges and reinforcement of institutional capacity of  institutions - government (federal, provincial, local), NGOs, private consultants, fabricators, contractors, and Users' Committees associated with the trail bridge development is a priority of Trail Bridge SWAp Framework-III.

Capacity building will be focused on following target groups:

  1. Federal and provincial level engineers, quality controllers, persons involved in procurement and store management, information system managers/officers
  2. Palika level engineers, sub-engineers, assistant sub-engineers; persons involved in procurement, persons in-charge of managing information systems for bridge records and conditions
  3. Community level for bridge craft persons, bridge-fitters, bridge wardens, women of User’s Committees;
  4. Consultants, fabricators and contractors
  5. Private and public educational institutes
  6. Individual technical persons of PTAPs and NGOs.

Capacity building will encompass following approaches:

  • Orientation, workshops and different training programmes focused on designing, quality controls, Demonstration Model Bridge Trainings (DMBT), Routine Maintenance Training (RMT), Operation of Lab testing facilities
  • Develop and operationalize applications for planning, monitoring, reporting and other different design software system at federal and state levels
  • Sharing of TB SWAp knowledge widely to transfer trail bridge know how that Nepal has developed over the years to other countries
  • Internships and on-the-job training (OJT) for sub-engineers and assistant sub-engineers.
  • Potential fabricators at each state will be identified and orientation will be provided on potential market opportunity.  A small quantity of bridge steel parts will be awarded for the purpose of initial orientation on quality requirement.
  • Effort will be made for establishing testing labs in collaboration with engineering institutes in each state and will be oriented on potential market opportunity not only in trail bridge programme but also other infrastructure programmes for the quality control.